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Why FlipSnack Edu?

FlipSnack proved to be a reliable and well loved web tool for flipbook creation over the last few years, becoming increasingly popular as classroom technology among educators who use it with students of all ages. Whether for the benefits of adding technology to teaching or to share the works of kids with parents, we've had a lot of positive feedback.

That's why we came up with FlipSnack Edu - a special web tool for education, a flipbook creator that comes with its own private and safe learning environment.

Privacy in action

We all know how important it is to protect children and be wise about their online privacy. That's why we created an online environment where teachers and students can share flipbooks securely, and where the teacher only has control over the sharing settings.


Web tool for flip teaching

You can use FlipSnack Edu both in and out of the classroom, whether you opt for flip teaching or classic methods. You can share materials for students to review at home, or you can have them apply the lessons in various assignments and projects. Why not switch things up a bit and see what works for you?

Technology in the classroom

We need to prepare children to function in a technology-driven society, but there are many other direct benefits of using technology in education. The use of video, audio, quizzes, colors and different combinations of these have a great impact on memory and recall and help adapt teaching to all learning styles.

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Great for e-learning

E-learning is probably the most cost and time effective way to educate. FlipSnack Edu is an online learning tool can be used with students who never get to share a physical space, but can still share a virtual classroom, ask questions, receive assignments and individualized instruction.

Schools and districts

Email us at for a personalized offer if you represent a school or entire district.