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Most common issues


1. Is FlipSnack Edu free or do I have to pay for it?
We have a free version meant for testing the product, however, you will have to pay for the Premium version if you want to use it with more than 10 students and get rid of certain limitations.
2. What happens when my Class license expires?
You will get an email the week before the license expires, letting you know that you'll have a new invoice in your account in a week; please make sure you pay it in due time to keep your subscription running. You'll have 21 days to pay it. After the 21 days, if no payment is made, your account will turn into a free account, with all the free limitations. You and your students will be able to check your accounts but you won't be allowed to create or post anything if you've exceeded the free storage limitations. If you want to start a new project, but you have exceeded this limit, you have to delete some projects or upgrade.


1. I cannot upload my PDF.
Some PDFs are not web compliant because they were created with programs that are quite old and will not make web compliant PDFs. But don’t worry, your PDF can be fixed if you re-save your PDF with the right program. Read this article and follow the tutorial to fix the PDF compatibility issue.
2. I cannot view my flipbooks. Why?
In order to view the Flash page flip books created with FlipSnack you need Flash Player 10+. Get it from here.
3. How can I improve the quality of my flipbook?
Make sure you save your documents as pdf/x, rasterize your images - this will make the flipbook work smoothly and also will achieve higher quality. In case you don't want to rasterize your images make sure that you don't use blend modes on filters and graphics. Good to know: make sure that all pages are the same size, otherwise they will scale to the size of the first page.


1. What kind of files can I use with the FlipSnack application?
You can upload files in PDF format and JPG format. You can upload them from your computer or import them from the web. The new FlipSnack Edu editor will also allow you to add Youtube videos, mp3 files, recordings, texts and more to the pages of your flipbook.
2. Can I change my account password?
Yes, you can. Just sign in and click on your Name in the top-right corner, select Manage account from the dropdown
3. What's the storage limit for my account?
You get 10GB/educator and 1GB/student.
4. Can I have my flipbook run offline?
Sure you can, but you'll have to download it first.

System requirements

1. Does FlipSnack work on Apple devices?
Yes, FlipSnack is compatible with HTML5 and Apple devices. You can find more information about our HTML5 alternative here.
2. What are the system requirements for using FlipSnack Edu properly?
In order to view Edu.FlipSnack.com correctly we recommend Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari. FlipSnack.com will work on Microsoft IE9 and IE8 too. Also, you must have JavaScript enabled and the latest Flash Player version (you can get it from here). For mobile devices you will need the latest versions of iOS and Android.

Publishing and sharing

1. How do I share a flipbook?
You can only share your flipbook if your educator allows it. You might be able to share it with your own class or even make it available for searching in the Resources page by choosing the appropriate settings in the Publishing Options.


1. What happens to my FlipSnack account if I move to FlipSnack Edu?
When you choose to respond to the invitation from your educator, if you already have a FlipSnack account created with that specific email address, all your previous content will be moved to your Edu Class account. If you don't want that, reject the invitation and have your educator send another invitation, using a different email account, or ask him/her to create a username for you.