Free Class license

Free Class license is an introductory plan meant to be used by the educator in order to test the product, having the same features as the Premium plan, with some limitations.

For more info please read the guide.

Premium Class license

$144/year or $32/month   Upgrade from free
Premium Class license allows you to create FlipSnack accounts for your students and collaborate within a secure network, Edu.FlipSnack, open for your own classroom.

For more info please read the guide.
Features Free Premium
Create students accounts 10 30*
Admin for Students & Groups
Custom web address
View, edit, delete students work
Import educator's content from current FlipSnack account -
Import student's content from current FlipSnack account -
Give and manage assignments (to students and groups)
Create groups and add students to groups
Create student account: no email required
Storage space 1 GB/educator
500 MB/student
10 GB/educator
1 GB/student
Flipbooks/account Unlimited Unlimited
Cost Free $144/year or $32/month
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School license

A School License provide accounts for students and educators to create flipbooks in our secure collaborative network, FlipSnack Edu.
The School License runs for one calendar year and includes:
  • Ability to crearte student account without email addresses
  • Simple Manager tool to create student accounts and groups
  • Educator accounts for teachers
  • Custom homapage to showcase student work
  • Custom web address
Purchase School license:
Starting fee $350/year + users
to 749 users:
10% off
750 to 999 users:
20% off
1000 to 1249 users:
30% off
1250+ users:
40% off
Use the slider to select
number of users.
Price: $0

Payments are not refundable